Library Media Center


Teacher: Ms. Wells

The library media program is designed to help Grant students develop the skills to become independent learners. Our goal is to have students use the library, print resources, and use computer technology efficiently and productively and to maintain those skills throughout their lives.

Learning about literature and its many genres make reading a pleasurable pastime and valuable learning experience for students of all ages. Checking out-books, storytelling, and developing research skills (online and with print materials) are a few of the many skills Grant students are taught and, hopefully, will use throughout their school and work careers.

The LMC has an online catalog that shows the holdings of all Livonia Public  Schools and the status (available or checked out) of each item. Also,this catalog can be accessed from any computer in the building which isconnected to the network of classroom computers, lab computers, and mini-labs.

Books returned in an "unreadable" condition or lost will need to be paid for in cash or a check written to Grant Elementary School and given to Ms. Wells.  Please do not purchase the book.

Remind your student to return his/her book every week  the day before  his/her scheduled library book check out.  Students have the option to renew a book, but must bring the book to the library to do so.