Summer Practice

Looking for summer practice ideas?  Try some of the links listed below:


Grammar Links:


Grammar Games involving adjectives, pronouns, verbs, etc.


A variety of games incorporating subject/verb agreement, question forms, etc.


Grammar Blast- A Houghton-Mifflin website for grades 2-5


Articulation Links:


Articulation games for grades K-8


Games and quizzes for practicing sound production and to work on phonemic awareness skills


Cluster production activities-select the beginning and ending sounds of a word


More activities for cluster production-write poetry and sentences!


An animated articulatory diagram of each consonant and vowel. 

See and hear how the speech sounds are made!


Vocabulary Links:


Games for practicing concepts, categories, antonyms, homonyms and more!


Teaches names of common household objects and positional terms


A Synonyms and Antonyms game


Teaches basic vocabulary and categories


Reading and Phonology Links:


An interactive matching game-match long and short vowels

Print and do Cluster activities

Spelling practice using High Frequency words


Play games with Gus and Inky!  These involve rhyming, letter names and sounds, sound blending, etc.  Click on the "Get Going!" tab on the left side of the page to access the games.


Language Links:


Hands on activities and games to promote language development


"Mad-Libs" type activities for Grades 3 and over


Activities that include anotnyms, synonyms, irregular past tense verbs, idioms and categories!


A variety of language activities!


Feelings and Facial Expression Links:


Create an animated facial expression to match the emotion


Identify feelings by clicking on the correct picture


Comprehension and Thinking Skills Links:


 Activities which include true/false statements, fact/opinion statements and idioms